General Info


What is Tribearound?

It's a community of likeminded people who enjoy travelling, sharing experiences & knowledge and meeting new people.


Who can use Tribearound?

Everyone and it is completely free to use the service.


How does it work?

Tribearound is a platform for people to connect with local communities. Members share advice, news and fun activities available for anyone to take part in.
People around the world can now easily connect through hobbies, interests, share travel plans & experiences.


How to use Tribearound


What is the Tribe?

The place to see your friends activities, interact with people in specific locations, explore trending topics.


Communicate with the community

Post questions, share experiences and recommendations and be part of the Tribearound community. Select a certain location and audience to make your post more relevant. If you need to edit or delete a post, just hoover on it and select the appropriate option.


On top of the Tribe page you can select:


Going somewhere? 

Share it with the community and register your Travel Plans. It’s a great way to share your plans with your friends They will even receive a notification close to remind them you are in town


Friends plans

See where your friends are going:


Take part in an experience


Is it safe?

You will meet friends, friends of friends and potentially new people. We try to make sure that all members of the community are trustworthy individuals, but we recommend using some good old fashioned common sense when meeting with potential strangers.


How can I trust the experiences are good?

The ratings and reviews will give you a good idea of how others found the experience if it is a recurring one. 
You can always message the host with any questions you have. Community members are keen to discuss their experience.


Finding the right experience for you

To search the huge variety of opportunities simply click Find Experience.  You can search using the map or see a list; use the filters to refine your search and find something really cool and interesting to do.

Don’t be put off if you can’t see the date you want, simply send a request to the host and they will get in touch with alternative options.

Nothing that inspires you? Then all the more reason to host an experience yourself and invite others to join you.


Join the experience

Experiences are free or paid depending on the host.

You can join for yourself and also other people that are not part of Tribearound. If you need to add additional guests just go My Experiences and add more tickets.

When experiences require payment you will be redirected to PayPal to preauthorise the payment. Tribearound will release the payment to the host 3 days after the experience has successfully taken place. Please note you might incur in some currency exchange fees when using PayPal.

Joining an experience is a pretty straightforward process, but if you have any doubt, problem or complain to the host, just contact and we will assist you.


I can no longer attend the experience, what do I do?

Simply go to My Experiences in the Upcoming section and delete your attendance from that specific experience.

You can do it untill 7 days prior the experience date.

In case of a paid experience a full refund will be issued to your PayPal account.


Rate the experience

Please remember to rate the experience after you have participated. This is an important step in building a genuine community and supports the host’s effort.


Hosting an experience


What is an experience?

It can be anything at all, here are just few examples:



To meet new people, to do something fun, to find mates for activities you like and to be an active member of the community.

Hosting an experience can be a great way to earn some money. Put your hobbies and passions to work and decide how much you want to charge to your guests.


How to create an experience

It could not be easier! Just click on Create an Experience, fill in the relevant fields and there you go, your experience is shared with the community.

If you don’t have any pictures for the experience don’t worry, we will add some suitable based on your experience.


How do paid experiences differ?

  1. To receive payment for an experience simply include the rate you wish to receive in the host price. Tribearound will automatically add the commission and display the final price that is payable by the guest. We use that commission to fund the platform and make all this possible. There are no hidden fees.

  2. You get paid directly to your PayPal account, so be sure to put the correct email linked to your PayPal account. You can check this on the Settings page. To withdraw your money please follow the PayPal instructions.

  3. 3 days after the successful experience we will release the funds into your account.

  4. When you receive a booking you will received a message to Accept, follow the link and make sure you will be available for that experience.

  5. We are sure you will be a great host. In case of a genuine complaint from your guests, we then reserve the right to refund them and suspend your payment.


I need to cancel the experience

If no one has booked to take part you can simply delete the experience from the host management section.

If bookings have been made and you are unable to host the experience communicate with your guests straight away. If you delete the event guests will be notified and all payments will be suspended.  


Settings and Privacy


Currency selection

Select your preferred currency and all the prices will be automatically converted. 

When you join a paid experience, if your selected currency is not the same one choosed by the host, PayPal will show you the price in the original currency after the checkout.


PayPal payout email

This is the email linked to your PayPal account that Tribearound will use to payout what you earned with your paid experiences.


Social Networks Connections

Connect with your favourites social networks and share experiences and post with a single click!

Tribearound will never post anything on your behalf.


Email Notifications

If you do not want to receive certain emails from Tribearound, simply deselect those ones that you do not need.


Delete your account

Do you really want to leave us???

If you are sure about your decision, please send an email to and we will take care of everything. Please also mention the reasons for leaving; this will help us improve Tribearound.